Upcoming Films (February 19 to 25)


Fat and Fame (2018)


Release Time: February 20, 2018 in China

Genre: Comedy

Language: Chinese

Duration: 97 minutes

Director: Peng Jianwei

Country or Region: China


Since the end of the year is approaching, the town residents are preparing for the Chinese New Year. The community is with no exception, and it has invited the butcher. With a process of “White knife in, red knife out”, a stout pig is about to embark on the journey to the dining table. However, a shout of "Yao Er" breaks the calm and peaceful atmosphere. The pig is no longer an ordinary pig, while people turn into different kinds of people. An anecdote of the small town about the ownership of pig kicks off in a vigorous and bustling way.

The Leisure Seeker (2017)


Release Time: February 23, 2018 in China

Genre: Adventure/Comedy/Drama


Duration: 112 minutes

Director: Paolo Virzì

Country or Region: Italy | France


The film, adapted from Michael Zadoorian's novel of the same name, tells the life-long story of a sick old couple who retrospect their life on their journey from Massachusetts to the former home of Hemingway by an old caravan. John is a literary teacher and a writer, a loyal fan of Hemingway. Although Alzheimer has made his memory worse and worse, and he even forgets the names of his wife and children, he still can blurt out all of Hemingway's works. "The Old Man and the Sea" is his favorite. Because his wife Ella needs to be hospitalized due to serious disease, John should only enter the nursing home. The two who go through the life hand in hand face a forever separation. Therefore, they’ve made a crazy decision that they drive their caravan called "Leisure Seeker", traveling all the way southward from Massachusetts to look back the vacations they have made in the 70's with their children on the journey, and their destination is the former home of Hemingway, Key West.

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