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Goldbuster (2017)

Release Date: December 29th, 2017 (China)

Genres: Comedy / Horror / Thriller

Language: Chinese

Time: 88 minutes

Director: Sandra Ng

Leading Actors and Actresses: Sandra Ng, Teng Shen, Yunpeng Yu, Yi Zhang, Yi Lei Jiang, Francis Ng, Alex Fong, Junyan Jiao

Country: China



Between the bustling CBD tall buildings, there is an old and shabby building which is to be pulled down. Four "Weirdos" live here: Baojian Wang, a magic and skilled doctor of traditional Chinese medicine, Juhua Li and Shan Jin, a whimsy folk inventor couple, Ren and Ming, former popular teddy boys, and Xiuping Jiao (acted by Junyan Jiao), an unknown actress. Following no supply of water and electricity, strange and weir events appear one after another. They turn to the famous "Goldbuster" (acted by Sandra Ng) for help. However, with her coming, things become much worse, and bigger conspiracy has been drawn out.

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