Upcoming Films (December 18 to 24)


Legend of the Demon Cat (2017)

Release Date: December 12nd, 2017 (China)

Genres: Love / Fantasy / Suspense

Language: Chinese

Time: 129 minutes

Director: Kaige Chen

Country: China

Leading Actors and Actresses: Xuan Huang

Shôta Sometani

Kitty Zhang

Hao Qin


The film tells a fantasy, sad and epic story in the flourishing period of Tang Dynasty. Yuetian Bai, a crazy poet, met with Kong Hai, a monk who admires the charm of Tang Dynasty, in Chang’an. They accidentally bring out the surprising secrets that last for 30 years and are related to the rise and fall of the dynasty. With the appearance of all kinds of characters on the screen, the revelation of floweriness of Tang Dynasty and the secret anguish of the time, the truth hidden by the complex history has also come to the surface.


The Liquidator (2017)

Release Date: December 22nd, 2017 (China)

Genres: Drama / Crime / Action

Language: Chinese

Time: 124 minutes

Director: Jizhou Xu

Country and Regions: China | Hong Kong, China

Leading Actors and Actresses: Chao Deng

Ethan Ruan

Cecilia Liu

Karena Lam



A serial-killer case has led the city to a commotion and restlessness. The victims in several cases are all abused to death, in a ceremonial way. All clues are related to one person—Mu Fang(acted by Chao Deng), a detective genius who is good at criminal psychology. When Mu Fang investigates the case with his colleague Minan (acted by Cecilia Liu), he finds that Ya Jiang (acted by Ethan Ruan), his high school classmate, seems to have many hidden secrets.

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