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Release Date: December 15th, 2017 (China)

Genres: Love / Dramatic / War

Language: Chinese

Time: 136 minutes

Director: Xiaogang Feng

Country: China

Leading Actors and Actresses: Xuan Huang

Miao Miao

Chuxi Zhong

Caiyu Yang



The film tells a story about an army art troupe that is full of ideals and enthusiasm. A group of young people have to go through cruel wars when they fall in love."Living Lei Feng" (a kind of people who is always ready to help others without return) Liu Feng (acted by Xuan Huang) is abandoned by the team due to a misunderstanding event. Xiaoping He (acted by Miao Miao) who comes from the countryside, is discriminated and excluded for many times by the female soldiers in the art troupe for her "bad habits and practice". Suizi Xiao (acted by Chuxi Zhong) has a crush on the trumpeter.

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