Experience traditional rituals during Mid-Autumn Festival and appreciate beauty of traditional culture


Lately, Nanning Confucius Temple was crowded with people who gathered here to attend one of the serial themed activities of "Our Festival" 2018-2019 -- the Moon Worship Ceremony of 2018, enjoying the beauty of traditional culture.

On the ceremony, the participators wore Han Chinese clothing according to ancient rituals. 100 girls and 50 parent-child families formed ritual teams in the Lingxing Gate Square and marched into the arena through Zhuangyuan Bridge, Dacheng Gate and Dacheng Hall Square. Along with the chanting of master Tongzan, a Buddhist priest, they read congratulatory messages and worshiped the moon, praying for favorable weather and golden harvest in the next year. During the part of distributing sacrifices, the offering for the Moon God -- a big mooncake weighing as much as 150 kg -- was happily shared by the citizens. Later, a traditional Mid-Autumn event in Nanning -- "Lighting up the Bricks Tower" -- was also held in front of the gate of the Confucius Temple. As the tower was lighten up, the citizens collected small bundles of firewood, prayed for long-lasting peace and happiness for their families in front of the tower and threw the firewood into the tower. The more flourishing the fire is, the more auspicious they will be in the coming year.

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