Saiqiao Festival of Chinese Valentine’s Day of Nalian in Pumiao Town, Nanning


Recently, the annual Saiqiao Festival of Chinese Valentine’s Day was held in Nalian Guxu of Pumiao Town in Yongning District, Nanning. Saiqiao Festival, a traditional folk festival held in Nalian Street, Menglian Village, Pumiao Town, Yongning District, Nanning, has been passed down to now from hundreds of years ago. It is said that every year on the night of the sixth day of July in lunar calendar, the seven fairies will come down from the heaven to Bashi Tan of Bachi River to bathe and pick "Qiaonv (smart women)", so that on that day the river will become very sweet and mellow, and villagers will take water home to drink. On the same day, every household will place an incense burner table at the door, make all kinds of exquisite fruits, cakes and lanterns with skillful hands, and carry out folk ritual activities.

On the festival, there are not only a series of unique folk activities, but also “Family Dinner on Chinese Valentine’s Day” at the end of the event which is hosted by each family to invite guests all over the world to taste the fresh and delicious farmhouse food of Nalian, for the purpose of promoting the spirits of respecting the old and cherishing the young, as well as loving each other in the neighborhood, and inheriting the culture of family tradition.

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