Yao ethnic group celebrates Danu Festival in Zhenxu Yao Village


On July 12th, loud and clear songs are sung in Zhenxu Yao Village, and many tourists came to here to celebrate annual Danu Festival with Yao ethnic group.

Danu Festival, also called Zhuzhu Festival and Yao Year, falls on 29th May of traditional Chinese calendar annually. Yao ethnic group attaches great importance to this festival that is considered as the new year of Yao. Before the festival, every family and village would clean up. During the festival, villagers would prepare hog and duck, rice wine, sticky rice cake and other abundant delicious food to fete the guests, and carry out entertaining activists like drum dance, bow and arrow race, and horse racing. “Yao Welcoming the Bride”, a unique performance of Yao ethnic wedding customs, is one of the most eye-catching activities in the festival. This performance shows the unique wedding tradition in Yao, drawing its materials from local folk customs and traditions.

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