Singing fair of Zhuang nationality performed in “Green City”


On the evening of May 6, funded by China National Arts Fund (CNAF), the folk opera “San Yue San” was performed in Nanning Theater. Guangxi Song and Dance Theater and Guangxi Arts University cooperated to perform this opera and brought the singing fair of Zhuang nationality on the stage in “Green City”, singing the harmonious song of national unity in new age.

“San Yue San” was a classical dance drama and symphony created by Guangxi Art Performance Group to celebrate the 60th anniversary of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region’s establishment. With “San Yue San” (Guangxi’s traditional festival on the third day of the third lunar month) as the cultural background, in this opera, the singing fair was the key performance. The singing fair of “San Yue San” in the opera showed the charming feeling in the joyous, intense and festive songs and dances.

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