2nd Qingxiu Mountain Reading & Culture Festival around corner


Lanyuan Poetry Ceremony of Qingxiu Mountain Reading and Culture Festival

With the approaching of the 23rd World Book Day (from April 28th to May 1st), Nanning Qingxiu Mountain Scenic Area will hold the 2nd Reading and Culture Festival. During the festival, visitors will enjoy diverse ways of reading on Qingxiu Mountain through activities, like the 60 Great Books to Greet Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region’s Establishment, Dandelion Book Sharing Activities, Exhibition of Guangxi’s Intangible Cultural Heritages, Lanyuan Poetry Ceremony, Famous Rostrum, Lawn Music Festival, Starry Sky Cinema, etc. By enjoying the diversified reading experiences, tourists will be exposed to the charm, and cultural deposit of Qingxiu Mountain, and find the beauty of reading, going on a classical trip.

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