"Saiqiao" Event held in Yongning District


On August 27, the sixth day of the seventh lunar month, the annual "Saiqiao" Event was held in Nalian Guxu in Menglian Village, Pumiao Town, Yongning District, Nanning City.

The event kicked off with folk activities like "Worshiping the Seven Sister" and "Carrying Qixian Water" in the Ancient Pier by the Bachi River. After the ceremony, it was time for the "clever girls" of each family to show their skills (Saiqiao). In the old alleys, the "flower-beds" by the door of each family were the unique “Saiqiao” works of the "clever girls".

Ms. Cao Wenbi, the fifth generation of inheritor of "touching a rice and turning it into a picture" in Nalian and the person in charge of the “Saiqiao Festival” activities introduced that Nalian’s "Saiqiao Festival" mainly adopted the themes of "Magpie Bridge Meeting" and “Bumper Harvest” for hundreds of years, expressing Nalian people’s yearning for a good life.

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