Nanning to Hold "Celebrating the Children’s Day with Poetry, Ritual and Music" Gala


A gala entitled "Celebrating the Children’s Day with Poetry, Ritual and Music" will be held in a 800-square-meter studio of Nanning Radio and Television Center on May 28, 2017. The sponsors have been soliciting some new programs around the city.

According to the sponsors, a voting of the excellent programs will be held during the gala. At that time, the audience will be able to vote for their favorite programs through following the official accounts of WeChat, like the Classic 1049as well as Media of Poetry, Ritual and Music. After the gala, the sponsors will tally the votes and select 10 "my favorite programs".

The gala serves a brilliant stage for gifted children and teenagers, and a chance to carry forward local culture and arts, to encourage innovative programs and to strengthen the exchanges of culture and arts among different regions of Guangxi.

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