Yong Opera



Yong opera is one of the local operas of Guangxi, originated from the Ming Dynasty. It is formerly known as Guang Xi, Lao Xi, Benban Xi, Bendiban or Wuliuqiang, etc. Performed in mandarin language of Yongzhou, it used to be popular in Yongzhou (ancient name of Nanning) and thus to be named Yong Opera after the foundation of the People’s Republic of China. In the process of its development, it has been keeping close but complex relationship with other type of operas, such as Qi Opera, Gui Opera, Sixian Opera and Guangdong Opera, etc. As time goes on, Yong opera gradually develops its distinctive characteristics.


Xinhui Assembly Hall is a good stage for Yong opera. It's great to come here to experience the true feelings of Nanning culture. There are performances on weekend mornings. If you are lucky, you may get the chance to enjoy Dabimeng, a rarely-performed famous opera. Both Xinhui Assembly Hall and Yong opera are worth seeing and appreciating.

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