OSGH Cinemas (Shengtiandi Store)


OSGH Cinemas in Nanning (Jiangnan Store) uses the world's leading professional movie audio-visual equipment in all the studios to make the movie screening one at a time, making the audio-visual effects extremely shocking and making people feel comfortable and noble. The internationally popular viewing platform is all-encompassing, high-gradient, unobstructed, and high-quality, which guarantees that viewers can enjoy the endless fun of the movie. The comfortable seats and a wide line of space allow both adults and children to enjoy movies from any one seat without obstruction and to maintain a high-quality viewing state. At the same time, multi-level and flexible combinations of movie fares make the audience feel the excellent quality with reasonable prices. In addition, its transportation is very convenient. It is located in the shopping center of core business area in Jiangnan District, having more than 1,000 parking spots for free. It is convenient to enjoy one-stop consumption and entertainment experience.

Address: -1F, Entrance D in Shengtiandi, No.8 Zhongyue Road (near KFC)

Phone: 0771-5776292

Opening hours: Monday to Sunday 09:00-23:00

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