Nanning China Film International Cineplex (Crystal City)



Co-invested by China Film Group Corp and Guangxi Film Company, Nanning China Film International Cineplex (Crystal City), the first five-star Cineplex in Nanning, boasts advantageous location and convenient transportation. Another five-star Cineplex, China Film International Cineplex (Nanning International Trade West City) is under construction. The most advanced digital audio-visual equipments, such as NEC 2K digital projector, Dolby digital SRD, DTS sound system, American QSC amplifier system, German Schneider high-end lenses, and metal ultra clear big screen, are equipped in the Cineplex. The lobby and the total construction area of the Cineplex are respectively about 400 square meters and 2150 square meters, with 4 halls and 606 seats.

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