No. 11-1 Syrup Shop


No. 11-1 Syrup Shop is the first Speakeasy Bar and one of the bars favored by Internet users in Nanning. On the door of the bar, there is a plaque marked “Syrup Shop”, and a desk and several chairs are put in the shop, which will easily deceive the clients who do not know about the shop. In fact, the counter that is equipped up with medicine bottles is the sliding door of the bar. There are 14 seats, 8 booths and 1 box in the bar. The shop is renovated from a residential house, which is quiet and appropriate for friends gathering and chatting.

Address: ground floor of Yuanxing Building, No. 11-1 Bei Erli, Xinzhu Road

Business Hour: 20:00-02:00 from Monday to Thursday, 20:00-03:00 from Friday to Sunday

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