Liangqing District builds Bailing Elementary School, Middle School


Recently, Liangqing District of Nanning started the building of two schools-- Bailing Elementary School and Bailing Middle School, which are expected to be finished and put into use by the autumn of 2018. Once completed, the project will make the layout of schools around Dashatian (an area of Liangqing District) more reasonable, and will effectively solve the problem of inadequate school accommodation for school-age children and adolescents.

Given the actual situation, the project will scientifically divide its land used for the elementary and middle school. Both campuses will be divided into 3 areas: integrated administrative and teaching area, living area, and sports area. With offering better services as its core, the architecture of two campuses will be featured by simpleness, uniqueness, the blend of modern and traditional design, and the balance between function and style, which makes the campus more charming and attractive.

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