All compulsory education schools in Nanning to adopt school district system from September 2018


Recently, the General Office of Nanning Municipal Government issued “Nanning Comprehensive Implementation Plan for the Implementation of Management Reform of the School District System for Compulsory Education”(hereinafter referred to as “Implementation Plan"). In order to accelerate the balanced development of county region compulsory education in the whole city and the reform of urban-rural integration, the city will implement the reform of compulsory education district system management, and set up school districts through urban and rural support, group-based school running, and school alliances. Schools in the district share the same educational resources and teachers. All school districts can adopt both single-school scribing and multi-school scribing to achieve local school admission according to local conditions. All compulsory education schools in Nanning will adopt school district system from September 2018.

According to the Implementation Plan, Nanning will follow the principle of "coordinating urban and rural areas, collocating strengths and weaknesses, territorial management, and class-level responsibility" in accordance to the actual conditions of school-running, teachers' allocation, management level, education quality, school distribution, distance, etc. The school for compulsory education in urban and rural areas is divided into a number of school districts.

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