Nanning College Wins Honor of "Strongest College for Electronic Sports in Guangxi"


The two-day 2017 GECL Guangxi E-Sports College League Guangxi Finals and GEC Guangxi Second Electronic Sports Competition (Spring Session) came to an end on the evening of June 11 in Nanning City Li Ning Sports Park. Nanning College and Nanning Vocational and Technical College have won the champion of "DOTA2” and “Overwatch” respectively. In addition, thanks to the excellent performance of Nanning College in the four projects of the finals, it has won the honor of “the strongest college for E-sports in Guangxi” with the highest total points.

It is reported that the E-sports association of the college is well-organized, with interpretation department, public relations department, organization department, and secretariat, which should be the key reason for the college to win in the E-sports college league. Luo Shizhen, the director of the interpretation department, told the reporter, the establishment and operation of the association is greatly supported by the college leadership, thus E-sports becomes more and more popular for students. He said E-sports have brought him and other students a lot of positive energy - through E-sports, he has made more friends, and E-sports has united students, and deepened their friendship.

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