Yongning District Library holds event of "Enjoying Mid-Autumn Festival in Library under Moon"


Lately, Nanning Yongning District Library organized the serial activities of "Enjoying the Mid-Autumn Festival in Library under the Moon", absorbing the readers into books to enjoy the intense festive atmosphere.

On the occasion, over 100 Chinese character and idiomatic riddles were hung high up, which had attracted many readers to have fun guessing them. There were also parent-child picture books stories. Through reading excellent books like “Goddess Chang's Fly to the Moon” and “Miss Moon Making Clothes”, young readers gained more knowledge of the traditions and customs and folk tales about the Mid-Autumn Festival and of the moon.

Meanwhile, with position advantages, the library also recommended over 200 newly-published books via the "New Arrival" counter to enrich the readers' demand in the festival. The newspaper and periodicals reading room also held folk pictures show to interact with readers, solicit festival customs from them and deepen the cultural connotations of traditional festivals.

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