Introduction of HSK (Advanced)


HSK (Advanced) comprises the following 3 independent tests: a 120-question written test, a writing test and an oral test.
I. Instruction of the Examiner of HSK (Advanced)
Candidates enter the room. The examiner does the nose count and announces the examination rules.
HSK (Advanced) comprises 3 parts. After the 120-question written test, there will be a 10-minute break before the writing test and oral test.
Examination Rules
1. No talking and no cheating during the exam.
2. Please stay in your seats, and on any emergency please raise your hands.
Answers should be written down on the answer sheets, but not on the exam papers. Please fill in the answer sheets with your name, nationality, gender, test center code and candidate’s number in accordance with the admission tickets. Please fill in the codes of the exam papers. The exam codes are on the right corner of the paper.
I. There are 3 sections in HSK Advanced written: Listening, Reading and Cloze test. The exam lasts for about 105 minutes.
II. In multiple choices section, there are four choices for each question. Please draw a bar on the answers you choose in the answer sheets. For each question, only ONE bar can be drawn. More than one bar for one question will be taken as invalid.
III. Please read the directions carefully and follow them strictly. Candidates should answer the questions within the required time.
Each section can only be finished in the required time. It cannot be done in advance, neither can it be done after the required time.
Sections      Questions          Duration
Listening     No. 1-40          About 25 minutes
Reading      No. 41-55         15 minutes
             No. 56-80         25 minutes
Cloze Test    No. 81-120        40 minutes
The exam lasts for about 105 minnutes.
 (Note: There is no pause after Listening.)

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