HSK (Elementary-Intermediate)

Introduction of HSK (Elementary-Intermediate)
HSK (Elementary-Intermediate)
Introduction of HSK (Elementary-Intermediate)

I. Instruction of the Examiner of HSK (Elementary-Intermediate)
(I) Candidates enter the test room. The examiner does the nose count.
Announce the Examination Rules
1. Nothing can be put on the desk except the admission tickets, IDs, watches, pencils, rulers and erasers. Please put the admissions and ID cards on the upper right corner of the desks.
2. No talking and no cheating in the exam. 
3. Please stay in the seat unless under emergency or getting the permission from the examiner.
4. Please do not take the test papers or answer sheets out of the examination room, or tear apart, replace or copy the contents of the test. Please hand in both the test papers and answer sheets after the test is over.
For the HSK, you can get both exam paper and answer sheets, use the answer sheets to finish your papers.
Please fill in the answer sheets with the names, nationality, gender, test center code and candidates’ numbers in accordance with the admission tickets. Please fill in the codes of the exam papers.
There are 4 sections in HSK Elementary-Intermediate: Listening, Grammar, Reading and Cloze test. Each section can only be finished in the given time. Candidates shall answer the corresponding questions within the time period and avoid jumping to the later sections or turning back to the previous ones during the test. For example: In the required time of Section 2, you cannot go back to do Section 1, nor can you do Section 3 in advance.
For questions No. 1-154, each question has A, B, C, D four choices. Please choose the most suitable answers, find the corresponding question numbers on the answer sheets, and draw a bar on the letter you choose. Please note that the bars should be thick and bold to make sure that the card-reading machine can recognize the answers.
For questions No. 155-170, there are several blanks in each paragraph, with the question No. in the blanks. Please choose the only appropriate Chinese characters according to the context, find the corresponding question numbers on the answer sheets and write down the characters in the square next to the question numbers. Please note: Only ONE Chinese character is allowed in each square.
In Listening, each recording is played ONCE only. For each question, there is a pause for 15 to 20 seconds to give the answers. Please answer the questions while listening. Questions No. 51-80 belong to Grammar section, only 20 mins for 30 questions.
Sections      Questions           Duration
 Listening    No. 1-50          About 35 minutes
 Grammar    No. 51-80          20 minutes
 Reading     No. 81-130         60 minutes
 Cloze Test   No. 131-170        30 minutes
 The exam lasts for about 145 minutes.
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