HSK (Basic)


Introduction of HSK (Basic)

I. Instruction of the Examiner of HSK (Basic)

(I) Candidates enter the test room. The examiner does the nose count.

Announce the Examination Rules

1. Nothing can be put on the desk except the admissions, ID cards, watches, pencils, rulers and erasers. Please put your admissions and ID cards on the upper right corner of the desk.

2. No cheating in the exam.

3. No candidate is allowed to leave the seat during the exam but can raise your hand for asking questions.

For the HSK, you can get both exam paper and answer sheets, use the answer sheets to finish your papers.

Please fill out your name, nationality, gender, test center code and candidate’s number in accordance with the admission ticket. Please make sure the bar you draw is thick and bold.

There are 3 sections in HSK (Basic): 1. Listening; 2. Grammar; 3. Reading. Candidates shall answer the corresponding questions within a given time period and avoid jumping to the later sections or turning back to the previous ones during the test. For example: during the time for Section 2, you cannot go back to do Section 1, nor can you do Section 3 in advance.

No. 51 to 90 are Grammar tests following the listening, 40 minutes for 40 questions. (The examiner will write down the time on the large Table.)

Items     Questions               Duration

Listening    No. 1-50          About 35 minutes

Grammar    No. 51-90          40 minutes

Reading     No. 91-140         60 minutes

No. 91 to 140 are Reading tests, there are 60 minutes for 50 questions.

After collecting and counting the exam paper and answer sheets, the examiner may announce the end of the test.

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