Regulations on Admission of International Students in Higher Education Institutions (Excerpt)


Chapter III Type of Foreign Students and Their Enrollment and Admission

Article 10

Universities and colleges may provide foreign students with degree education and non-degree education. Students for degree education shall be classified as junior college degree Candidates, bachelor's degree candidates, master's degree candidates or doctoral degree candidates. Students for non-degree education shall be classified as visiting scholars or research scholar.

Article 11

Universities and colleges shall formulate guidelines concerning the enrollment of foreign students, publish enrollment rules and admit foreign students as stipulated in such rules.

Article 12

The number of foreign students accepted by universities and colleges shall not be subject to enrollment limitations under the State enrollment plan.

Article 13

In accordance with relevant national regulations, universities and colleges shall set and publish itemized and standardized fees to be collected from foreign students. Fees shall be collected in RMB.

Article 14

Foreign students shall choose majors that are open to foreign students. New majors offered exclusively to foreign students must be reviewed and approved by the Ministry of Education.

Article 15

A foreign citizen applying for study and training in Chinese universities and colleges shall have requisite qualifications, meet entrance requirements, provide credible proof of economic support and a guarantor of his or her activities within Chinese territory.

Article 16

Universities and colleges shall review applicants' qualifications for entrance and shall administer tests or assessments to applicants. The criteria for admission shall be formulated by individual university and college. Chinese language proficiency tests shall be administered to those students applying for degree education in Chinese language.

Article 17

Decisions concerning acceptance of foreign students shall be made by the individual university or college. Universities and colleges shall give priority to admitting foreign students who fall within the State Enrollment Plan. Universities and colleges may, at their own discretion, admit foreign students in connection with international exchange programs and self-funded students.

Article 18

Universities and colleges may accept foreign students who have already been admitted by other universities and colleges or those that transfer to the university or college for study contingent upon the consent of the original university or college.

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