Bean curds stuffed with minced pork and vegetables in Sanli Town of Shanglin County


Foods stuffed with other ingredients are traditional dishes for Hakka people to celebrate special days, among which the bean curd stuffed with minced pork and vegetables is a unique and attractive one. This delicacy from Sanli Town of Shanglin County is particularly famous. After minced pork and vegetables have been mixed, the cook shall dig a shallow hole in the middle of the chopped tofu block with chopsticks, fill the hole with minced pork and vegetables and make the surface smooth. Thereafter, the cook shall fry the bean curds till their surface turns golden, and then stew them in a pot till the flavor of meat, tofu and seasonings is fully refined, infiltrated and blended. When the food is ready, it becomes fragrant and tasty. The bean curds are so fresh and tender that no one can stop himself from biting them. In fact, the taste of bean curds has changed a lot and becomes more attractive. Tofu is rich in protein and contains eight essential amino acids, the ratio of which is close to the needs of the human body; therefore, this delicacy is considerably nutritious. In addition, tofu is good for recuperation, reducing weight and skin care.

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