Nanning citizens love to have congee as breakfast. It is hard to tell when this tradition came into existence, but one thing for sure is that congee in Nanning is known for its wide variety: corn, fish head, chicken meat, pork, preserved egg, beans, glutinous rice……there are dozens of ingredients to make congee. Nanning people believe that the congee shall always be on the menu in any season and at any restaurant (stall). For tourists, congee is a must to help you understand the custom of congee eating in Nanning.


Congee restaurants are everywhere in Nanning and the most famous one is Mo Shang Congee Restaurant which locates at Pedestrian Street of Minsheng Road (known as Chuangxi Gate in the past). Fish head congee is its house special. The color of the congee is white as milk. It tastes fresh, sweet and smooth. The fragrance of the fish head congee could draw you from a street away. Locals say even the fairy would regret for not tasting the congee. For now many congee restaurants in Nanning have their special congee such as beef congee and Tingzai congee.


In the past, corn congee was the main course for people in suburbs of Nanning. Corn powder is put into cooked rice congee for a couple of minute in boiler. It boasts the fragrance of rice and the nutrition of corn. Although the food shortage has long gone, people still love corn congee for its rich nutrition and the sweet memory it brings to them.


For Nanning citizens, the congee is more than just color, fragrance and taste, it also has therapeutic effectiveness. Glutinous rice sugar congee can enrich the Qi and blood; various meat congee with ginger slices, chopped green onions and parsley can whet your appetite in all four seasons; plain congee is popular in hot summer. With pickles and preserved bean curd, it can relieve thirst and facilitate digestion. If you catch a cold and want a quick cure, why not try some plain congee with cassia and fennel? It would be quite helpful. 

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