Eat Lucid Ganoderma to Improve Yang-Qi in Spring


As referred to the health maintenance in spring, a major focus is Yang-Qi improvement. It's said by Liang Junxiong, a doctor of the Traditional Chinese Medicine Department of the Sun Yat-Sen Memorial Hospital, Sun Yat-Sen University, if people wants to improve Yang-Qi in spring, they can eat some fresh lucid ganoderma to tranquilize the mind by nourishing the heart, to supplement the vital energy by opening the inhibited lung-energy, to regulate vital energy and dissipate blood stasis, and to nourish the liver and invigorate the spleen.

It is said by Liang Junxiong that the lucid ganoderma has bitter and sweet taste and is neutral in nature and attributive to channels of heart, lung, liver and spleen, and that the lucid ganoderma is rich in germanium, which can enhance human body's ability of oxygen absorption and thereby improve human body's metabolism, slow the aging process and improve the skin's repairing function, and that the lucid ganoderma can induce human body to generate and activate NK cell and macrophage to boost human body's immune system.

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