Cantonese Cuisine Restaurants


Demi Home Style

Tel: 0771-5761575

Recommendations: Abalone and Chicken Pot, Braised Catfish with Roasted Pork and Garlic, Squid in Brown Sauce

Add: No. 2803, 28th Floor, Nanhu City•Jiahe


Yueweigang Restaurant

Tel: 0771-4869567

Recommendations: 10 percent off by 114 prepaid card ( except for the cost of specials, drinks and cover charges )

Add: 2nd Floor, Building 6, 10+1 Commercial Avenue, Tinghong Road      


Carriage 6

Tel: 0771-4970015

Add: No.60, Hongting Road, Xingguang Avenue (the opposite side of Nanning Power Supply Bureau)   


Uncle Shan’s


Add: 3rd Floor, No.6, Gongyuan Roadthe opposite side of No.1 gate of the gym


Premier Chefs

Tel: 0771-2282988

AddNo.1Gecun Road (near the rear gate of Golden Camellia Park)      

6000 Restaurant (Dongge Branch)

Tel: 0771-5611100

Recommendation: Roast Duckling with Spices

Add: Lingnan Jiayuan,No.135, Dongge Road 


Hongfu Restaurant

Tel: 0771-5503222

Add: No.31, Jinhu South Road


River Fish Restaurant (Jinhu Branch)

: 0771-5513379

Recommendation: Raw Fish

Add: No.28, Huijin Mansion, Jinhu South Road        


Golden Sea Fishing Village

Tel: 077-5505818

Add: No.13, Jinghu Road, Langxi District


Golden Land Seafood (Qingshan Branch)

Tel: 0771-4805555

Add: near Qingzhu Overpass, Qingshan Road (the opposite side of Bamboo Fence Restaurant) 


Dahuifeng Seafood

Tel: 0771-5515118

Add: near the big banyan tree, Shuangyong Road 


Beihaigang Seafood World (Xiangzhu Avenue Branch)

Tel: 0771-5602188

Add: inside the seafood market of Xiangzhu Avenue (near Changhu Overpass) 


The Great Hero’s

Tel: 0771-5503658

Add: on the crossing of Jinchun Road and Jinhu Road, Langxi District

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