Price of pipeline natural gas in Nanning lowest in history


From the routine press conference held by Nanning Municipal People’s Government on May 11, it was learned that since April 1 this year, the price of pipeline natural gas in Nanning has been the lowest in history. The gas price for residential use was lowered by 0.16 yuan/cubic meter, the highest price for industrial users in Nanning dropped from 3.9 yuan to 3.2 yuan/cubic meter. Enterprises can save about 18 million yuan in cost. Before December 31 of next year, Nanning will cancel pipeline transmission fee of 0.2 yuan/cubic meter, and the cost of gas for the company will also drop by a significant margin.

The adjustment on the price of pipeline natural gas will not only reduce the cost of enterprises, ease the burden of residents, and promote the coal-to-gas transformation of industrial enterprises in Nanning. It will also save energy, and reduce consumption and pollution, laying a solid foundation to win the fight of pollution prevention.

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