Chrysanthemum in full blossom in Qiungxiu Mountain


As one Chinese ancient poem goes, “Though leaves are fallen and flowers are withered in autumn, chrysanthemums are always in full blossom in this season.” Chrysanthemum is loved by people because of its long blossom period, varieties, varied colors and graceful shape. November to December is the blossom period of chrysanthemum, during which the colorful chrysanthemums are in full blossom in Qingxiu Mountain Scenic Spot and have attracted many visitors. Many citizens have visited Qingxiu Mountain to enjoy the beauty of chrysanthemums and take photos of them. Accordingly, the chrysanthemum exhibition is held from 25th November to 28th December at ASEAN Friendship Garden and the North Gate of the Scenic Spot.

According to the introduction, this exhibition is themed with Eulogizing Chrysanthemums and outlined by the rhythm of Chinese ancient poems. There are seven groups of gardening works, that is, “White Crane in the Garden”, “Chrysanthemums and Autumn Wind”, “Antique and Simple Style of Chrysanthemums”, “Eulogizing Chrysanthemums of the East Fence”, “Drawing Chrysanthemums”, “Constant Sound of Traditional Stringed and Woodwind Instruments” and “Flowers in the Chrysanthemum City”, showing the light flavor and the graceful beauty of Chrysanthemums and demonstrating its spirit of defying severe cold and blossoming against the wind, which makes the world more beautiful.

This Chrysanthemums Exhibition is the largest one with unique shapes, varieties, and most colors. There are 100,000 potted chrysanthemums, including 4 colors and about 150 varieties. Red group includes peony red, golden house, red magpie, red with yellow center, bright gold. Yellow group includes green hydrangea, chestnut yellow, spark, Wuxi yellow. White group includes white chrysanthemums and green group includes green chrysanthemums. Each variety has its own features and high ornamental value. Furthermore, to improve the view of exhibition and enrich the content of sightseeing, there will be different figures made of chrysanthemums, including fans, bamboo slip,hemispheric chrysanthemum ball, minitype multi-plant chrysanthemums, flower baskets, tree tower chrysanthemums, and cliff chrysanthemums.

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