Report on Exemplary Deeds of Undergraduates Soldiers Held in Nanning


Recently, Report on exemplary deeds of undergraduate soldiers who join the army when they are on campus with the theme of “Show the youth in parade step and join the army without regret” was held in Guangxi University, Nanning.

The report group is consisted of five excellent representatives of undergraduate soldiers. Among whom, some become military officer, some work in local department after retiring from army, and some go back to campus after they take off the uniform. Although they choose different path in their life, they have one thing in common that they all stick to their dreams and blend their best time into the great national defense cause.

Outside the report site, Nanning Conscription Office is carrying out conscription promotion and policy consultation. In order to encourage vast highly-educated and high-quality youngsters to join the army, such report will be carried out in 8 colleges or universities in Nanning.

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