Fresh Fujian, Charming Minnan, Tourism Promotion Event Held in Nanning


In the afternoon of June 6, a tourism promotion event with the theme of “Fresh Fujian, Charming Minnan”, cosponsored by Xiamen Municipal Tourism Development Commission, Zhangzhou Municipal Tourism Development Commission, Quanzhou Tourism Bureau and Jinmen Traffic and Tourism Bureau, was held in Nanning, which focused on the promotion of five aspects – one ocean, one city, one road, one piece of friendship and one strait respectively.

Ren Youying, the Deputy Director of Zhangzhou Municipal Tourism Development Commission, said, “Nnning is an important hub for 21st Century Maritime Silk Road, while Minnan was an vital origin point on China’s ancient maritime silk road. Both of the two places play important roles in connectivity of Maritime Silk Road. At present, regional tourism alliance has become a trend. We are not only going to strengthen regional united tourism marketing among Xiamen, Zhangzhou, Quanzhou and Jinmen, but also to build a cooperation bridge between Beibu Gulf tourism zone and Minnan Golden Triangle tourism zone relying on Naning market, aiming to enhance united promotion of Maritime Silk Road Travel, establish bilateral tourism product, and build long-term close tourism cooperation.”

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