Nanning’s new-media united front work receives praises


Dai Junliang, Deputy Minister of the United Front Work Department of CPC Central Committee, led the group on October 16 to Nanning for a survey and investigation on the current situations of the united front work of new-media employees, and showed his full recognition on Nanning’s new-media united front work.

Dai Junliang, together with his group, came to the Derui Building located in Qingxiu District, and visited the pilot base and the roadshow base of the new-media united front work.

Dai Junliang fully recognized Nanning’s working performances on uniting new-media employees and new social classes, and considered that there were distinctive and active exploration on Nanning’s united front work in many aspects, especially there were many groundbreaking measures in terms of uniting new-media employees, which made a contribution to Nanning’s development and livelihood improvement and were worth as a reference.

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