Pig blood sausage in Shanglin County


Pig blood sausage is a delicacy in Shanglin County. Its unique taste and flavor impress people as they take a bite and chew. Shanglin people will leave pig intestines and blood when they slaughter pigs. Thereafter, they will mix steamed rice with raw pig blood, fried and crushed peanuts, salt, chopped green onion, coriander, anise powder, etc. They then fill the intestines with such ingredients until they are thick enough to solidify when cooled. Before cooking, people will cut the blood sausage into sections, and fry them on the oiled pan until the surface shifts from red to black and the white casing slowly rolls up. At this moment, the blood sausage smells impressive. Then the sausage will be topped with soy sauce, vinegar, chopped green onion and other ingredients, so as to make the dish more delicious.

Pig blood sausage is delicious and nutritious. Pig blood is rich in iron, which can be easily absorbed by people. It can also provide people with various trace elements which benefit people with kidney diseases.

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