Shanglin Aniseed


The cultivation area and the yield of Guangxi aniseed are about 90% of that of the whole China, and Shanglin County is one of the main producing areas of Guangxi aniseed. Aniseed, as a peculiar economic tree species in Guangxi, is used for spice of making such as soap, cosmetics, toothpaste, sweet wine, beer, candy, etc. Pharmaceutically, it is the main raw material of synthesis of negative hormone hexoestrol used as carminative, stomachic, removing disease medicine, pectoral and so on, which is one of the important exports in Guangxi.

Shanglin County has been planting aniseed for more than 200 years. Dafeng Town in Shanglin County declared the Hometown of Chinese Specialty in the 1990s, and won the title of "the land of aniseed of China". Shanglin, located at the eastern foot of Guangxi Daming Mountain with heavy fog and humid climate, is very appropriate to grow aniseed. The quality is excellent for its large and filled kernel with golden color, strong fragrance and high oil content. Hence it is beloved by the domestic and foreign merchants. Currently, the plant area of aniseed in Shanglin County is 14,700 hectares, and the annual yield of dry aniseed is over 3,500 tons.

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