Pork with Preserved Vegetable


Ingredients: 400g streaky pork, a bag of preserved vegetable, appropriate onion and ginger sauce, appropriate soy sauce, a little oyster sauce, appropriate yellow wine, appropriate red fermented bean curd sauce


1. Prepare all ingredients.

2. Soak preserved vegetable in clean water.

3. Put the pork and cold water in the pot, and heat through.

4. Punch holes in the pork skin with toothpick, and the depth is about 2/3 of the pork.

5. Fill soy sauce on the pork skin.

6. Make the pork skin on the pan, and fry it until the color becomes yellow.

7. Put the fried pork in hot water until soften, and there will be folds on the pork skin right now.

8. Cut the pork into slices.

9. Make sauce with soy sauce, oyster sauce, yellow wine, red fermented bean curd sauce and chopped onion and ginger. (The sauceshould be a bit more red fermented bean curd sauce and little oyster sauce, and better use onion and ginger sauce instead of chopped onion and ginger. Furthermore, the amount of soy sauce should base on the degree of saltiness)

10. Make each piece of pork coat with the sauce.

11. Place the pork one by one in the bowl.

12. Clean the preserved vegetable, squeeze water from it, and cut it up .

13. Heat the pan with a little oil, stir fry the preserved vegetable, add the rest of sauce, and then stir fry evenly.

14. Put the preserved vegetable on the pork.

15. Steam in the steamer for 1 hour or pressure steamer for 0.5 hour.

16. Upside down the bowl before serving.

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