Shanglin Whitebait


The mysterious Dragon Lake on the tropic of cancer is rich in small whitebait, which is the green aquatic specialty in Shanglin County, the back garden of Nanning. A translucent little fish without scales and bones taste delicious, which not only has high nutritional value like protein, calcium, phosphorus, iron, vitamins and especially the essential amino acids, but also can nourish Yin and moisten dryness. The way to eat whitebait is various: In summer, it can be used for cooking soup with wax gourd, and tastes cool and delicious; in winter, the dried whitebait can be fried with soy beans or duck eggs, or with flour, and it is also quite tasty! There are two kinds of dried whitebait, which are dried in the sun or by fire. The fire-dried whitebait is pale yellow, which should be soaked for about 40 minutes before cooking.

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