Shanglin Rice



Shanglin County has a long history of producing high-quality rice, and the natural conditions of Shanglin rice producing areas are very good. The unique microclimate characteristic formed by the blocking effect to atmosphere of southwest of Daming Mountains: mild climate, abundant rainfall, sunshine and water resources, good water quality, fertile soil, large temperature difference between day and night and long growth period. The high-quality rice grain is long and uniform, soft and fragrant with bright color. The cooked rice with high nutritional value is savoury and soft even it's cold, which is well known in Guangxi and beyond, selling well all over China.

Shanglin Rice has been approved by the State Quality Inspection Administration as the Protection Product of Geographical Indications. It is the first rice product that has been listed in it in Guangxi, and the Shanglin Rice has been approved as the National Protection Product of Geographical Indications. Shanglin's quality rice base is mainly in the Baixu Town and Qinpai Village, because of the low yield, fewer products is sold to other provinces, but it is famous in Guangxi and Guangdong. "You can eat two bowls of rice without dish" is one of the most popular saying among Shanglin people.

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