Long’an Chestnut



Long’an is noted as a region of chestnut, which is glutinous, sweet, good taste and rich in protein. On September 2002, in a national chestnut quality appraisal activity conducted in Qianxi, Hebei province, Long’an chestnut was awarded the title “High Quality Chestnut”. Chestnut has been a traditional special purchase for the Spring Festival for a long time in Long’an. According to historical records, chestnut was planted in Long’an over 500 years ago, and it was used for filling of Zongzi (glutinous rice wrapped in bamboo leaves) during the Spring Festival. In the poor time, Zongzi made by no other ingredients but chestnut stayed tasty and refreshing. With the passage of time, social change, and the improvement of people's living standard, mung bean, meat and some other stuff and seasonings, are used together with chestnut as fillings of Zongzi to make it more delicious. Besides, added in stewing chicken, duck or other domestic fowls, a few chestnuts can make the soup more delicate and nutritious. On holiday meals, hospitable host would like to cook some dishes with chestnut to keep a good table. And people of Long’an usually prefer to present chestnut as a gift to their friends or relatives. Now, planting area of Long’an chestnut is up to 130,000 Mu, with an annual output of over 1.5 million kilograms. Well-known for its quality within and outside Guangxi and sold at a stable price of 5 to 6 Yuan per kilogram to Yunnan, Guangdong, Hong Kong, Macao and other places, Long’an chestnut shows a bright prospect of market and considerable economic benefit.


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