Solidly advance industrial development, firmly solidify foundation of rural vitalization


In recent days, Wang Xiaodong, Member of the Standing Committee of the CPC Committee of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region and Secretary of the CPC Nanning Municipal Committee, conducted research in Jiangnan District, Nanning, emphasizing that departments at all levels should regard the rural vitalization strategy as the starting point of issues of agriculture, rural people and rural areas in the new era, insist on problem-oriented and goal-oriented approaches, solidly advance the development of rural industries, expand the poverty-alleviation achievements, and firmly solidify the foundation of rural vitalization.

During the research, Wang Xiaodong visited Wei Qizhong in Mucunpo, Suxu Town, Lei Zhiju in Nalanpo, Yan’an Town and other low-income families, getting a better understanding of their lives and poverty-alleviation situations, and asking them if policies related to medical treatment and education have been implemented. Wang advised local leaders to observe people’s lives and offer help to low-income households. He also hoped that low-income households could establish their confidence under the care of the CPC, strengthen endogenous power of making themselves rich, and independently and industriously overcome the current difficulties, not only making their lives better, but also foster and educate their children better.

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