Spurring development through building industrial parks


In recent years, Nanning has regarded industrial park construction as an important task. By means of improving development model, facilities construction and service level of the parks, Nanning will make continuous efforts to better the parks’ service and give full play to their edges in attracting enterprises, undertaking projects and invigorating industries, in an attempt to build those parks a base for industrial agglomeration and to realize high-quality industrial development.

In mid-September, Nanning Industrial Park (Phase I), whose annual output value is expected to be 1.5 billion yuan, was put into operation in the Nanning Economic and Technological Development Area. The project was invested by AAC Technologies Holdings Inc., China’s leading enterprise of electronic components and the world’s leading precision manufacturing company, with a total investment of 3 billion yuan. The Nanning New and High-tech Industrial Development Zone Wuming Industrial Park, jointly established by Nanning New and High-tech Industrial Development Zone and Wuming District, began to run business. Later on, Nanning will make efforts in following aspects, including setting a tone for the parks, giving full play to their comparative advantages, clarifying their core targets, improving development model, enhancing development vitality, and improving facilities construction and the parks’ capacity, so as to continuously improve the parks’ service, and realize a leap-forward development for Nanning.

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