Nanning and Huazhong CNC sign cooperation framework agreement


Zhou Ji, founder of the Huazhong CNC and former chairman of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, has been invited to Nanning to offer consultations. In addition, a cooperation framework agreement has been concluded between the Nanning Huashu Lightweight Electric Vehicle Design Institute and the Huazhong CNC.

Affiliated to Huazhong University of Science and Technology, Huazhong CNC is a national high-tech enterprise engaged in high-end intelligent equipment manufacturing. Nanning Huashu Lightweight Electric Vehicle Design Institute will take advantage of Huazhong CNC’s advanced technologies (e.g. lightweight of automobile, intelligent manufacturing, etc.) and local advantage in deep processing of aluminum, so as to focus on R&D of lightweight auto making, intelligent production line for lightweight auto making, and industrialization and cooperation of companies located in Nanning. This will push forward the construction of production bases for lightweight coach, suppliers of spare parts for logistics vehicles, and third-class chassis for lightweight electric commercial vehicles. The goal is to build the first intelligent production line for BIW lightweight electric vehicle made by aluminum alloy in China at the end of this year.

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