Great efforts made to construct “Beautiful Nanning and Livable Countryside”


The comprehensive on-site meeting for “Beautiful Nanning and Livable Countryside” was held in Nanning on August 1. Participants thoroughly studied the important guiding spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping Thought on Implementation of the Rural Vitalization Strategy, the guidelines and decisions made on the Forth Plenary Session of the Eleventh CPC Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region Committee and the Sixth Plenary Session of the Twelfth CPC Nanning Municipal Committee. In addition, they conducted in-depth analysis about current situations and made deployment to push forward the construction of “Beautiful Nanning and Livable Countryside”.

It was emphasized at the meeting that the construction of “Beautiful Nanning and Livable Countryside” is the main content, important carrier as well as the start point to implement the rural vitalization strategy. All departments at all levels in Nanning should improve the political awareness and make unswerving efforts to the construction. With thorough understanding of new requirements and major difficulties, all departments should constantly push forward implementation of various measures, so that the rural vitalization strategy can be smoothly implemented and achieve actual result.

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