Do good job in supportive work to secure smooth operation of ASEAN Expo Park


Li Bin, Vice Chairman of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, was accompanied by Mayor of Nanning, Zhou Hongbo to visit the ASEAN Cultural Expo Park in Nanning for inspection of the park’s construction and trail operation on August 1.

On the same day, Zhou Hongbo also presided over the on-site coordination conference, during which he emphasized the necessity to ensure safety in crowded places. In addition, all departments concerned should attach great importance to acceptance inspection of the project and implement special equipment testing strictly, so as to ensure security and quality of the project effectively. Further still, different departments should improve the work on acceptance inspection and food safety including supportive facilities, equipment testing, fire protection, environment protection, etc. Moreover, they need to carefully plan for transportation for areas surrounding the park, and work out contingency plans for fire protection, transportation, security and other emergencies. To ensure that the park can be operated safely as schedules, trainings and rehearsals are also necessary.

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