Conquering challenges with quick action to ensure effective terminal on work of conducting supervision and rectification simultaneously


Recently, Nanning Mayor Zhou Hongbo led the team to check the treatment on dirty and stinking water bodies, stressed that it is necessary to conscientiously implement the spirit of the Regional Teleconference on Promoting the Work of Conducting Supervision and Rectification Simultaneously on “Looking Back” of Central Environmental Protection Inspection, in accordance with the deployment requirements of the Standing Committee of CPC Nanning Municipal Committee, to adhere to conduct supervision and rectification simultaneously on the basis of the problem-oriented principle, to ensure that the terminal on work of conducting supervision and rectification simultaneously is effective with strong measures, and to earnestly win the trust of the people with the rectification effects.

It is necessary to focus on key issues, coordinate and do a good job in monitoring, troubleshooting, and fully carry out thorough rectifications. We should adhere to the treatment focusing on both the symptoms and root causes, improve the governance system and mechanism, and implement the work in each river, each tributary, and each section to effectively promote the management of the whole river basin and complete the task of management on dirty and stinking water bodies as soon as possible.

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