Nanning City introduces measures to promote supply-side structural reform


Recently, it was learned from Nanning Municipal Development and Reform Commission that in the first half of this year, Nanning introduced the “1+5” policy document, and promoted Nanning City’s supply-side structural reform, accelerated the construction of a modern economic system, and further strengthened Nanning's economic innovation and competitiveness through the precise policy.

Combined with the actual situation in Nanning, in accordance with the principle of "Highlighting Guidance of Reform, Strengthening Overall Planning", taking “Reducing Productivity, Reducing Stock, Deleveraging, Reducing Cost and Making up Drawbacks” as the five key tasks of Nanning City’s supply-side structural reform, and on the basis of the requirements of optimizing stocks and guiding increments, the "1+5" policy document of Nanning City's supply-side structural reform is implemented in steps and phases to ensure that the supply-side structural reform can “Make Yearly Progress and See Terminal Results”.

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