Nanning City quickly implements rectification work of Central Environmental Protection Inspection Group


Recently, the Standing Committee of CPC Xixiangtang District Committee in Nanning held a special meeting to convey the feedback from the meeting of Standing Committee of the CPC Nanning Municipal Committee and the Central Environmental Protection Inspection Group on the existing problems of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region to conduct supervision and rectification simultaneously and the spirit of the main leaders of the CPC Nanning Municipal Committee. Xixiangtang District analyzed the existing problems in urban areas, focusing mainly on the treatment of dirty and stinking water bodies such as Huangnigou, Erkengxi and Ximingjiang and other problem-existing areas, as well as related key problems and causes of ecological environment that has been affected by farms in various towns, so as to research and deploy specific solutions, and quickly formed a task decomposition table and a list of responsibilities. The main principal in the city took the lead to go deep into Shiling River to carry out the inspection around the river. Relevant departments and the river chiefs at all levels went to the scene to rectify severely and immediately according to the deployment, solidly promoting the rectification work of environmental protection inspection in urban areas.

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