CPPCC Nanning Committee holds first political meeting of standing committee in 2018


On the 2nd, the First Special Political Meeting of the Standing Committee of the 11th CPPCC Nanning Committee in 2018 was held, during which the advice and suggestions focusing on the theme of “Spending All Efforts to Implement the Rural Vitalization Strategy and Doing a Good Job in Guidance on Plan and Policy Measures at All Levels” were made.

At the meeting, Vice Chairman of the CPPCC Nanning Committee Li Silong, on behalf of the research team, made a research report entitled “Doing a Good Job in the Creation of Guidance on Plan and Policy and Spending All Efforts to Promote the Rural Vitalization Strategy”. In response to the problems existing in the implementation of the rural vitalization strategy in Nanning, combined with the advanced experience inside and outside the region, suggestions on how to prepare plans, strengthen organizational guarantees, and implement actions on rural cultural revitalization and so forth as soon as possible were put forward in the report. Some members of the CPPCC Nanning Committee and district and city experts also proposed countermeasures and suggestions such as perfecting the talent work policy system, strengthening the integration of agriculture-related funds, accelerating the development of the village collective economy, improving village planning, etc.

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