Wang Xiaodong and Zhou Hongbo inspect rectification work on environmental issues, hold meeting on preparation work for “Looking Back” of central environmental protection inspectors

On the 12th, Wang Xiaodong, Member of the Standing Committee of the CPC Guangxi Committee and Secretary of CPC Nanning Municipal Committee, and Zhou Hongbo, Deputy Secretary of CPC Nanning Municipal Committee and Mayor of Nanning inspected the rectification work on environmental issues and held a meeting on preparation work for “Looking Back” of the central environmental protection inspectors. They emphasized that departments at all levels of Nanning should thoroughly study and implement Xi Jinping’s thought on eco-civilization, raise political standing and firmly build “Four Consciousnesses”. According to the decision-making of the central authority and Guangxi, they should resolutely shoulder the political responsibility for the construction of ecological civilization, transmit pressure and consolidate the responsibility at each level to rectify mistake and make improvement immediately and constantly. The “Looking Back” inspection should be taken as an opportunity to solidly promote different work on ecological environmental protection, resolutely fight for the difficulties of the prevention and control of pollution in Nanning and establish a model city for national ecological civilization construction.
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