45,627 candidates in Nanning to take College Entrance Examination this year


From June 7th to 8th, 45,627 students in Nanning will take the two-day College Entrance Examination. On the afternoon of June 6th, 44 examination rooms in Nanning were arranged and opened to candidates. Follow the students’ parents to the exam sites and we can see the thoughtful and considerate services provided by the various exam sites in Nanning which have left a deep impression on people. Many exam sites still hang various banners, and encouraging words are everywhere, making them places full of care and positive energy.

At present, all exam sites in Nanning have examined the ventilation, lighting, hearing equipment, broadcasting, telephones, and electric bells of the examination room, calibrated the clock of the examination room, and some exam sites contacted the electric power department to deal with emergencies.

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