Focusing on issues, making efforts to accelerate poverty alleviation


On May 11, Nanning Mayor Zhou Hongbo led the team to Shanglin County to carry out research on poverty alleviation and emphasized that according to the deployment requirements of the CPC Central Committee, the CPC Guangxi Committee and the CPC Nanning Municipal Committee, it is necessary to focus on the problems and make every effort to speed up the relocation of poverty-stricken areas, and do a good job in the industry to accelerate poverty alleviation, improve the stability of poverty alleviation quality, and resolutely win the fight against poverty.

Zhou Hongbo emphasized that we must do our utmost to accelerate the implementation of relocation as the biggest shortcoming in the work of poverty alleviation. In accordance with the established timeline, we must implement the responsibilities to the people and put them in place. With the premise of ensuring the safety and quality of the project, the time for the construction is required to be accelerated through inverting schedules. The project construction will increase the rate of housing completion and occupancy; we shall do a good job supporting the development of industries in poverty alleviation relocation sites, strengthen follow-up assistance, implement employment placement, and ensure that the poor people “Move, Secure, and Get Rich”.

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